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YTO helps build Luoyang into an international land port and national logistics hub


Twenty-six Oriental Red (or Dongfanghong) series wheeled tractors exported by YTO to Russia are loaded and await departure on August 26. [Photo/]

Ten containers of the Oriental Red (or Dongfanghong) series of wheeled tractors from YTO Group Corporation (YTO), a subsidiary of Sinomach, were delivered to Russia aboard the first China-Europe freight train departing from the Dongfanghong (Luoyang) International Land Port on August 26 in Luoyang city, central China’s Henan province.

Compared with traditional railway transportation, companies can reduce about 20 percent of transportation costs and save time by sending goods via China-Europe freight trains.

The land port was established with the help of YTO, and in addition to the Central Asia freight train, it has established rail-sea intermodal transport from Luoyang to Qingdao Port in east China’s Shandong province and Zhoushan Port in Ningbo city, east China’s Zhejiang province.

By September 8, the number of containers delivered via the land port had realized a year-on-year growth of more than 16 percent, showing that it is a powerful booster for enterprises in Luoyang to become global players and more active participants in the Belt and Road construction.

Aimed at becoming an important national integrated transport hub, YTO has given great impetus to the construction of the Dongfanghong (Luoyang) International Land Port since the beginning of this year, and has applied for the construction of a production and service-oriented national logistics hub in Luoyang which would bring a new development opportunity to the land port.

YTO (Luoyang) Logistics Co adheres to openness and sharing, and actively explores ways of cooperating with coastal ports and other domestic land ports in order to play a role as a new platform for greater openness to the outside world on a regular basis through rail-sea combined transport.

At present, the land port has built solid cooperative relationships with Qingdao and Ningbo ports and the Xi'an Free Trade Port as well as China Railway Container Transport Co and Zhengzhou International Hub Development and Construction Co, which have greatly reduced operation costs, improved transport efficiency and enhanced the influence and leading role of the land port.

YTO’s performance in promoting the construction of the Dongfanghong (Luoyang) International Land Port within two years is highly recognized by the local government. In the future, the company will continue to propel the high quality construction of the land port, take the lead in developing the city’s modern logistics, and help large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises to revitalize their stock assets and realize transformation and upgrading.