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Sinomach steps up efforts to drive China's digitization



YTO debuts latest unmanned high-horsepower tractor

Sinomach subsidiary YTO Group Corporation (YTO) showcased the newly developed "Dongfanghong" LF2204 tractor, a high-horsepower economical unmanned tractor, at the China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition 2021 (CIAME 2021) recently held in Qingdao, East China's Shandong province.

A "Dongfanghong" LF2204 unmanned tractor works in a field. [Photo/YTO]

The self-driving tractor integrates technologies such as the Beidou Satellite Navigation System, intelligent vehicle systems and the internet of vehicles and unmanned tactical platforms, and features automatic path planning and navigation, automatic reverse, automatic braking, remote start-up, remote flame-out, automatic control of engine speed, automatic control of farm tools, and automatic obstacle avoidance.

In a previous ultra-large unmanned farm pilot demonstration project, the "Dongfanghong" 2204, an older version of LF2204 was rated by experts as having the most stable performance of all unmanned vehicles in the demonstration.

The upgraded LF2204 has removed the cab and introduced a streamlined design. Equipped with millimeter-wave radar, it can simultaneously detect the distance and speed of more than 200 targets, which will greatly improve the quality and efficiency of farming operations. High-precision operations will be realized with normal operating error reduced to less than 2.5 centimeters.

CAAMS launches fire-new intelligent cotton picker

The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS), a subsidiary of Sinomach, recently developed a new intelligent cotton picker, the CAAMS 4MY-6, which can meet the needs of high quality, efficient and intelligent mechanized cotton picking at a world-leading level.

The CAAMS 4MY-6 cotton picker [Photo/CAAMS]

The cotton picker has integrated all the processes of six lines of cotton picking, including automatic wrapping of packages and unloading without stopping, which will greatly reduce cotton transportation costs. It also features a harvesting rate of over 95 percent and a 20 percent increase in efficiency.

In addition, the cotton picker is also equipped with intelligent display instruments to show the packaging process in real time and monitor operating conditions to diagnose and alert faults in a timely manner, along with an automatic dedusting system that avoids waste accumulating in the screen mesh and maintains a low engine temperature.

CMIE helps construct intelligent wastewater treatment plant

Water management is an integral part of urban management, and with the accelerated progress of smart city construction, water-related affairs are dealt with in a smarter way.

China Machinery International Engineering Design & Research Institute Co Ltd (CMIE), an affiliate of Sinomach, is exploring the digital transformation of water affairs management to create an intelligent wastewater treatment plant control platform as part of its "smart city" technology system.

The platform is designed to participate in the whole process management of plant design, construction, operation and maintenance, creating a new working mode of water plant operation and maintenance management.

At present, it has been used in a number of wastewater treatment plants, where it has realized full digitization, intelligence and joint emergency response in factory management.

The intelligent control platform for wastewater treatment plant developed by CMIE [Photo/CMEC]

In a three-dimensional visualization environment, the intelligent platform will access real-time monitoring data of all kinds of equipment for unified control and scheduling, and with the help of an intelligence decision support system, implement the plant's whole-process automatic control, digital operation, equipment asset life cycle management, and integrated security control.