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YTO tractors roll on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau for spring farming



Farmers drive YTO tractors over the plateau in Lhasa, Southwest China’s Tibet autonomous region. [Photo/]
As the weather warms up and crops grow fast, agricultural activities are in full swing across the country. YTO Group Corporation (YTO), a subsidiary of Sinoamch, organized a series of demonstration and promotion activities to introduce “Dongfanghong (or Oriental Red)” series products suitable for local climate and farming practices. The activities were welcomed by users from all over the country.
Such a product demonstration activity was recently held by YTO in Lhasa, Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region. The “Dongfanghong” LX1504 large wheel tractor showed its performance in plowing and field treatment, and was welcomed by local farmers.
On the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the red tractors complemented the sky, clouds, and snow-capped mountains to present a brilliant scene.
According to local dealers, “Dongfanghong” small wheel tractors sell well in Tibet, and have become the only choice in many areas.
Governments at all levels in Tibet have taken various measures to transform and upgrade traditional agriculture and animal husbandry, meeting the needs of Tibetan users for more powerful and intelligent types of tractors. The “Dongfanghong” high-horsepower tractor, once on the local market, achieved good results in a short period.